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Edenbridge Angling Society has been established over 60 years, maybe longer, exact records are hard to come by.

We own two still waters, two stretches of river and have access to eight other waters, including two reservoirs.

Our waters contain all the normal coarse fish that you would find in most waters plus one or two surprises, below is a brief description of our waters.

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Nursery Fields was built just over 14 years ago by the club, it contains Roach, Tench, Carp, and Barbel, there are Carp to ten pounds with the odd large one around fifteen pounds, this is a favorite venue among our members mostly due the the fact that all swims have very good access and are easily accessible to wheel chair users, we are extremely proud of Nursery Fields and have seen it grow from a hole in the ground to a wonderful looking fishery.

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Hever Castle has been a venue that Edenbridge have fished for over 40 years the venue offers a varied type of fishing, you can fish for the Bream in either the lake or the river, there is Carp, Roach, Bream and all the normal coarse fish you would expect to find in a lake connected to a river, anglers have also had some very good days at Hever catching some nice size Tench.  The Carp in the lake can go up to 30 pounds and because of the silt they are a lovely black colour, but that a side this venue is not for the fainthearted when fishing for Carp as the big ones very rarely come out.


Chittenden has been in the club for many years and holds a very special place in  our hearts, it is a large lake with many species in it, predominantly  there are a large head of carp in this water, they range up to around 25 pound, there are also one or two surprises in this lake and is a great  day out for any carp angler. The car park is easily accessible form the lake but some of the banks are inclined and is not accessible all he  way around for wheel chair users, the fishery is kept in tip top  condition.